Cloud CX462 - Audio System Controller Mixer

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Cloud CX462 - Audio System Controller Mixer

Unique" best describes the CX462 Audio System Controller. We have included a set of features and configuration options that bring great diversity and make the unit the appropriate choice for applications such as AV presentations, places of worship, plus other sound systems often found in hotels, shops, bars and leisure venues.


Independent music and microphone sections
6 line inputs with preset gain controls (music section)
Line 6 can be configured for priority (music section)
Music level and source selection with remote control
HF & LF EQ (music section)
Mic signal routable assignable to music section
4 Mic inputs with preset gain
Individual HF & LF controls (mic section)
Single parametric EQ (mic section)
150 Hz High pass filter
Selectable priority for Mic 1
Optional CDI-S100 serial interface (RS232)
Optional EQ modules


XLR-F1W & XLR-F1B - XLR Input Module - White / Black - Female

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